Pasta with Paolo – March

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Pasta with Paolo – March

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Tuesday, March 26th ~ 4:30 until 6pm ~

This month Paolo will lead a class on Corzetti! This hand-stamped pasta is near and dear to Paolo’s Genovese heart. A Ligurian invention, Corzetti heralds all the way to the Middle Ages but maintains a uniquely artistic image unlike most other pastas. In this class, you will learn the history of Paolo’s custom stamps and have a go for yourself, creating something that is unique to you as well as to Solo. Then, Paolo will prepare it in his favorite manner.

As always, Jesse will pair your prepared dish with a special glass of wine while you dine with your classmates. But this time it surely should be Ligurian, no?

*This might be the perfect way to use your Solo gift card! If so, please call ahead to secure a spot and we will have you pay in-house the night of the class. Otherwise, feel free to use our site here for a normal ticket.

**Also, please call ahead if you plan to buy out an entire class, as we may prefer to work out a custom date.

Price $60

Maximum: 15ppl