Have you ever wanted to up your pasta-making game? Or get up close and personal with Paolo to voice your curiosities about pesto tricks? Well, now is your opportunity. Beginning this February 26th, from 4-6pm, Pasta with Paolo will be open to the public on a monthly basis. The "class" will teach the ins and outs of making a various styles of pasta, as well as its history, before you create two portions of one style yourself. At 5pm, the first portion, plated and served by Paolo himself, will be enjoyed alongside a uniquely paired glass of wine in the shared company of your classmates. The second portion will be yours to take home for your own attempt at re-creation or experimentation. 

Click here to secure your spot! Please call ahead if you plan to buy out an entire class, as we may prefer to work out a custom date.

Price $60

Maximum: 15ppl

Time: 4-6pm